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Thanks for the great fireworks! It was an awesome display and it's so great to see all the campers together in one place to enjoy them! Many thanks. 

Sharon, Karin, Christa and Brent

Park History


Jeanette Head began camping and working at Landings Campground (formally known as Schneiders Park Beach) in 1961. In the summer of 2011 she celebrated her 50th year as an active camper in the park, and she is still enjoying her summers here. Mrs Head was able to give me a history lesson on Landings over a cup of tea. I enjoyed the wealth of knowledge, stories and photos she shared with me. She even had a copy of an old campground newsletter, which cost 10 cents an issue.

Click here to read the campground newsletter from July 11 and July 25, 1970.

In 1961 George and Rose Schneider and their three daughters began using part of their Jersey farm as a campground. There were rare occasions when a cow would get out and find its way to the campground.

George and Rose named the campground Schneider's Park Beach. The joke around the park was that Rose was the boss at the park, while George was the boss at the farm. That first year, overnight camping only costs $3/night. Seasonal camping was $60/year, and that included winter storage! The park was open to the public for picnics, gatherings and visitors. Many people remember Schneider's Park Beach as the "local swimming hole."

In 1987, the Schneiders sold the park to Nic, Nic and Irene. Nic and Irene were siblings and Nic (the second) was Irene's son. At this time, the campground changed its name to Landings Campground. Three years in, Nic (the brother and uncle) left the campground business. Irene and her son Nic ran the campground for an additional 8 years.

Irene was a hard-working woman. You would often see her on the lawnmower cutting grass, helping with tree clean-up, planting flowers, and other grounds work. She was a pleasant lady and at the end of every year, she would always say, "I'll see you next year!"

Nic liked to do everything himself. He would read up on do-it-yourself books for landscaping, building and other tasks and jobs. He would be seen shortly after reading a landscaping book with a shovel in his hand.

In 2011, Nic and Irene sold the campground to us, Peter, Jan, Laura and Alan. We are now the proud owners of this beautiful campground.

History Provided by Mrs Jeanette Head to Laura Dietrich