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1073 Witmer Road
Petersburg, ON N0B 2H0

FAX: 519-696-3790

COVID Response

Hi Campers

“A Day without laughter is a day wasted.” Charlie Chaplin

Happy Canada Day Campers!

We were very happy to hear that the government opened up personal Social Circles of 10 named people. We have personally enjoyed hugging a few members of our own family! We are also enjoying seeing our camper families being able to welcome their named people into their circles too. Gradually things are relaxing a bit, and with caution, more things will be re-opening. Overnight camping has resumed!

In previous emails, we had offered up one season only seasonal sites at our 3 campgrounds. We no longer have any of these available. We were able to welcome several new camping families to the campground for the 2020 season only. Welcome to the park.

This past weekend was very busy with visitors. Even though you are now able to have 10 people total on your site, doesn’t mean you need to. Please consider limiting your outside visitors. Infants, babies and children all count towards your 10 people.

Thank you for being awesome and following our COVID rules for the pool opening. It’s so exciting to see our seasonal campers and overnight guests enjoying the beach and the pool. Thank you for respecting our limits of swimmers in the pool and for social distancing. Way to go campers!

And now for the disappointing news. After talking with our health department we are limited to what kind of social events we are able to have. The gathering of 10 people or less is the key point in all of the restrictions. No fireworks. We are not permitted Bingo or Euchre. Playgrounds are still closed. No outdoor movies. No potlucks. Group events or gatherings of over 10 people are not permitted like Beach Day events or Kids Day. The golf tournament is also cancelled.

Canada Day Weekend Events: • Parades with golf carts, bicycles and/or people walking in the parade, are not permitted even if people are staying 6' apart. So we are sorry to inform you, no Canada Day Parade this year. We still encourage you to dress in red and white to celebrate! • Decorate your Trailer and or Golf cart for a chance to win a prize. Event to take place Saturday July 4th. Live draw at 5pm. Good luck to all! • 50/50 tickets will be sold this weekend. Aquafit Exciting News! we are starting Aquafit at Landings on Thursday July 2nd from 9:30 am - 10:30 am weekdays. We are very lucky to be able to share our Aquafit team from Country Gardens, thank you so much Jim & Vicki McColl. There will be room for 11 campers to participate. This will be on a first come basis due to our capacity of 12. There will be some pool noodles available for you to use and take with you (limited quantities) to bring back for your classes or if you would like to bring your own pool noodle, please do so. We cannot share or leave pool noodles behind. If you require any further information, please contact Linda at the office.

Hydro Invoices Hydro was read this week and we will be sending out invoices later this week. They will be due 30 days from the invoice date.

Vehicle Stickers & Gate Cards If you are using a gate card to open the gate, you must have a 2020 sticker affixed to your windshield. We are deactivating cards. Also, your gate card is assigned to only you, at no time can you use your card to let anyone into the park. All visitors must check-in at the office.


We have an AED at Landings located beside the ice machine by the office. We encourage everyone to go and look to make sure you know where it is located, in case of an emergency. An AED is an automated external defribrillator. This medical device helps treat people who are experiencing life-threatening irregular heart rhythms. If someone is in distress, call 911 our address is: Landings Campground 1073 Witmer Rd. Petersburg, ON N0B 2H0

Camp Rules: Use of Site and Common Areas • Creek must be kept clear of all dams. • The speed limit in the campground is 15km/hr or less. • No unlicensed vehicles or drivers are permitted. • Bicycles should not be used after dark. • Abusive language or profanity will not be tolerated. • Glass cups are not permitted off The Occupants site. • Waterloo Wireless is the sole provider of internet for The Park. No other internet provider is allowed to access the park for the purpose of providing internet. • With the exception of The Park, no one is allowed on The Occupant’s site without permission. Do not use campsites as a shortcut. Tom's Fries and Burgers Canada Day Weekend Wing Special Saturday Honey/Garlic or Nashville Hot Wings with carrots/celery & ranch dip and fries for $10 Please order ahead to avoid disappointment text Tom at 226-507-4312 Coffee will be available Friday/Saturday/Sunday at 7am for $1 Tom's Hours Monday - closed Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 4pm - 8pm Friday/Saturday/Sunday 12noon - 8pm

Please Note: Beach Day use is Not Open for the Public. Washrooms and Playgrounds are not open.

Protect The Little Trees/Tent Caterpillars We have planted a lot of little trees, and they need to be protected. DO NOT weed wack these poor little trees. This is the fastest way to kill them. Feel free to put mulch around the trunk. The other way these little trees are in danger is from Tent Caterpillars. The Tent Caterpillars have not nested yet in the trees, but are making their way up the tree trunks to do so. We have found that aqua tek bug spray does control/kill their nest. It is available for purchase for $19.99+tax.

Wood Please order recycle boxes of wood by 4pm for same day delivery or day before for loads of wood. You can call or email the office.

Ice Ice is available at the office $3.50/bag

Worms We have worms available at the office for $3.50 for our catch and release fishing

Kittens in the Campground If you have noticed any kittens in your sheds or under your decks please let the office know about their location. If you want to take them in to take them home to love, by all means, please do so.

We have contact with two ladies from the Cat Rescue organization that will attempt to catch feral and stray cats and kittens. If they are able to tame them they are looked after until an adoption can happen. If they are too wild, they will be spayed or neutered and then released to where they were trapped. Donations are always welcome to assist them in their rescue work.

Buy Local Buy Fresh Please visit our neighbours, Colour Paradise in Mannheim to discover a beautiful oasis of flowers and vegetable plants. They are now having their summer sale days! please click here to visit their website.